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Every year, the students of grade 10 are required to produce a Personal Project to be displayed in an exhibition. The projects range anywhere from creating a medical app to redesigning the school uniform. The one thing all projects have in common is their ability to impress. This year’s exhibition was no different, with a vast range of projects, all of which impressive. However, three projects stood out in the eyes of the judges and took home prizes.

In first place: Aya Ganameh (Only if moodle could be an App)

Personally facing issues concerning time management and organization in regards to school work, I decided to focus my personal project on the task of creating a product that can aid in overcoming this issue. I, therefore, first looked at the means of overcoming this issue provided by the school itself: moodle. A website informing students of school news, homework, assessments, events, and more. Hence, I came up with the idea of taking the main features of moodle to create a mobile application offering new technological advancements to the original idea. My application was successfully made and tested using a trial account of my creation, and offered new options, such as settings where a student can turn on/off notifications for homework, assessments, and events, and further enhanced the messages section and made it more productive as a means of social interaction. For the exhibition, I named my booth Organizational Innovation, and made it as creative as I possibly can, and am very proud of myself for winning best booth display and managing to impress the voters. Thank you!

– Aya Ghanameh


In second place: Rashed Rabata (The importance of drinking water)

Last year I was diagnosed with severe dehydration, it was then when I got inspired to do my personal project. I didn’t want people to go through what I’ve been through. Since then, I created a seminar as a product of my project, which I invited grades 8-11, teachers, guests and parents. In the seminar, I discussed my story and how it inspired me to create this project. I talked about dehydration in general and deep inside what happens in our body. I also shared some pictures of myself hospitalized and ended the seminar with a small giveaway; a booklet with significant information about dehydration, symptoms, causes, prevention, when to seek medical care… etc. and a customized water bottle. I was very happy when I got the second place certificate, not because I won this price, but because deep inside, I knew that I have successfully met my goal. I truly thank my supervisors and I hope I have met their expectations and more…

– Rashed Rabata


In third place: Zina Saadi (A bracelet for Palestine)

A common decorative piece of jewelry passed on between people globally in order to offer support to the Palestinians, the bracelet itself has acquired a tale of its own. Deciding to dedicate my personal project to showing moral support to Palestine, I saw this bracelet intriguing. So, why not follow this bracelet’s story to a different part of the world? I spent the summer in Sweden, and all this time was spent constantly on the move, attending regular protests and filming the people of different ethnicity on their thoughts on the topic and a small speech on moral support, as well as capturing several photographs. This was all put together in a video I posted online, and hence completing my goal of offering moral support to the Palestinians. My booth was very decorative in regards to this, as I used the photographs and traditional colors, alongside selling the bracelets. Thank you for the amazing experience!

– Zina Saadi

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