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What is it?

This previous summer, I gratefully participated in the Harvard Global Citizens Summit for Youth at Harvard University in Boston. Principally, the Global Citizens Summit for Youth (GCSY) brought a select group of 24 international youth scholars and faculty to the Harvard University Faculty Club. During the week-long program, we investigated the idea of global citizenship and the themes of freedom and fairness in the world today. The Summit was carried out by professors from Harvard University, in addition to well-renowned scholars such as Professor Linda Hill and Doctor Howard Garner , that utilized the Harkness Discussion Method, a method of learning established at the Exeter Academy. The Summit hosted a wide range of influential individuals that carried out seminars and lectures on a wide array of topics; from the fields of neuroscience, investment banking and anthropology to the concepts of leadership, ethics and global responsibility.

Personal Impact

The Summit has given me a new lease on life. Prior to beginning the Summit, I felt like this experience would be quite ordinary, just like any other program that I have attended; I would just go, spend my time, return home back to my life and move on without significantly benefiting from it. However, after the week was over, I knew that I couldn’t have been more mistaken. The experience at GCI has definitely changed my life, and for that, I owe all the gratitude to the founder of GCI and those involved in making it a success. It has managed to finally open my eyes to the outside world and has helped me let go of my own closed environment to realise that I am in fact a member of a single global community. Even though the Summit was limited in terms of duration, it was definitely not limited in terms of impact on myself personally. The multitude of lectures and seminars I heard, combined with the early morning discussions I had, have become entangled with my mind- and heart. The knowledge, advice and words of wisdom that I acquired during my stay have definitely become imprinted deep within me, helping shape me into a true global citizen and ultimately, a better person. It is extremely difficult to put into words my experience at GCSY; from the deep, everlasting connections with friends that I made, to the memories that we shared and the wisdom that we gained. I will never forget what a truly inspiring women told me on the day that I arrived at the summit: “it all begins with gratitude.” In response to that, I want to thank the founder of GCI for having a dream. The dream of creating such a summit in order to inspire individuals like me from all over the world. Her dream has come true because she has definitely managed to impact the lives of 24 young individuals and shape their minds. Her dream has inspired me to think big and go above and beyond. Above all, I feel honored and proud to have helped her fulfill her dream in one way or another.

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