April 22, 2014 Admin

On Thursday, 20th of March, grade 8 visited the Lady of the Mountain church, school and home. Nervous and excited, they were welcomed with a warm smile belonging to Father Simon, who introduced us to the church and school. After being told about its history and religious background, they realised how truly inspiring the sisters and the priests who dedicated their life to help secure and stabilise younger lives are by following God’s word are: They attended a religion lesson with the students at the school and learnt how important it is to follow the teachings of…

April 9, 2014 Admin

The 2nd annual IAA Career’s Day took place last tuesday, in which, our school had the pleasure of hosting several different companies and businesses from throughout the country. There were a number of different working fields presented on the day, all placed in order to help us in deciding the paths that we wish to take and the future that we hope to pursue. Students were capable of roaming around the room listening to qualified candidates with different jobs and from different work fields. These candidates then went on to provide us with all the necessary information…

April 5, 2014 Admin

In February 2014, from the 12th until the 22nd, a group of 18 students were accompanied by 3 teachers to the exotic country of Cambodia. The 10th and 11th grade students were taken on an adventurous journey throughout the streets of Cambodia and were able to take on life long experiences that would benefit them throughout the rest of their lives. The students first arrived to the city of Siem Reap, where they were taken to a poverty stricken village and spent 3 days aiding the children of the village by upgrading their school. Fences were refurbished, classrooms…

March 15, 2014 Admin

It was an honor for the International Academy- Amman to welcome a NASA representative to our school. With several schools attending and IB Physics students prepared to gain a greater understanding of Astrophysics, the NASA presentation was a whirlwind of interesting facts and new knowledge. After a short question and answer session, the representative met the Formula One members to discuss their progress and developing ideas. It was a great day for everyone!

February 22, 2014 Admin

In a night of witchcraft and plotted revenge, the International Academy Amman reenacted the Tempest by William Shakespeare. The great performance awoke a new world in the IAA auditorium on the night of December 10th; a world where possibilities of love, magic and forgiveness came to life. The actors from varying grades surprised the audience with their understanding of Shakespearian language while the stage allowed one to be sucked into the story of Prospero, Ariel and Caliban. Well done to all those involved in this spectacular play! Your community is proud of you!

December 3, 2013 Admin

Recently our school celebrated its 10th Anniversary. The International Academy Amman is particularly proud of acquiring and achieving this milestone. This thus, leading to our monumental and prodigious celebration. It was truly an event to remember; complete with jumping houses, foods of all types and several prominent guests as well as speakers. The event was furthermore the first official event involving our new school mascot (The Hawk). It was a genuinely a very momentous occasion that will be remembered and celebrated for years to come. It is additionally something that our school greatly takes pride in; it…

December 1, 2013 Admin

Opening Cermoney Development, Technology and Communication, Global Issues, Unity these were the various chosen in order to formulate the primary theme of our IMUN’13; Global Citizenship for a Sustainable Future. This year, IMUN has grown not only in size but also in the wide range of topics being discussed. Where, it now includes an ICJ and for the 2nd time, an Arabic based committee; the Arab League. Such a committee has never been established in any other local MUN. Additionally, I’MUN aspires to to bring together the bright and the young minds of our time in order…

November 28, 2013 Admin

  The video portrays 5th grade students who visited the Jordan Joud Foundation (JJF). This foundation was established in 2010; it a children’s charity situated in Amman, Jordan. The foundation primarily aims at improving and enhancing the lives of Jordanian orphans. It furthermore attempts to provide the orphans with a sense of hope, education, love and emotional support through their engagement in various different activities and programs. After years of research and profound investigation, the JJF was launched. This research entailed the studying of multitudinous similar children’s charities around the world in order to discover the type…

November 17, 2013 Admin

   Some inspirational artworks by Jude Abu Musallam. Grade 11’s paintings are meant to be representations of themselves, their experiences and their personality; truly well done. “The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery.”  Francis Bacon

November 7, 2013 Admin

Prepared by IAA Primary Religion Department Prepared by IAA Secondary Religion Department “Eid Al Adha is a time for Muslims all around the world to look back and commemorate the trials and the triumphs of the Prophet Abraham. Where, each and every Muslim celebrate in their own way; some take part in the widely renowned act of Hajj, while others, simply spend a particular few days prior to the actual Eid, praying and fasting. However, when the eid begins (officially consisting of three days), the majority of muslims tend to visit their families, spend…

November 1, 2013 Admin

A few of the many amazing pieces of art created by this year’s eleventh grade. Their paintings are meant to be representations of themselves, their experiences and their personality; truly great work. Well done all of you!   Hala Taher  

October 30, 2013 Admin

All the hard work and effort was worth it! Amazing photos to commemorate an amazing day! Congratulations to all the parents, students and staff for making this a day to remember. These photos are priceless. A proud day for the IAA family!   Our students and staff have been busy practicing getting in formation all week to spell out “IAA 10” on the sports field. We are ready for today’s official photo which will kick off an afternoon of FUN. IAA Panorama Team  

October 30, 2013 Admin

  Great job to all acts; you were all fanatastic! Grade 8 enjoying spanish day as they learn how to dance some of the many and various hispanic dances that exist. There were several amazing and talented acts all of which deserve commendation. This is one of the many… Mr. Martin giving the school his final remarks on Spanish Day and how tremendous the entire event was.

April 14, 2013 Admin

As a community filled with various talents and astonishing capabilities, IAA takes great pride in students work and continues to encourage learners to pursue their skills and hobbies. Recently, the art department has witnessed great talents come to life on canvas as grade 10 students exhibit their artistic side when painting abstract portraits inspired by great artists. A picture is worth a thousand words… Take a look below at some of the great work produced!

April 7, 2013 Admin

Zain Zu’biDP LiteratureMs. Nadia AbdallahExploring the Theme of Gender in Henrik Ibsen’s “A Doll House” Henrik Ibsen’s play-in-prose, A “Doll’s House”, centres around the dysfunctional relationships between the characters. An exploration of this necessarily requires a closer look at how the playwright defines gender roles, (women and femininity, and men and masculinity), marriage, and gender conflicts. From the very beginning the readers are presented with a clear picture of the traditional roles of husband and wife in the Nineteenth Century. Ibsen defines these in the contexts of love, sacrifice, domination, freedom and handling of money and conveys them through interesting…

March 27, 2013 Admin

“A mother’s love is patient and forgiving when all others are forsaking, it never fails or falters, even though the heart is breaking.” -Helen Rice We all cherish our mothers someway or another, so what a better way to truly express our love to them than mothers day. Well, the reception one students decided to celebrate their love to their mothers by hosting a little show for them. Cupcakes, handcrafts, and many more was done by them to their mothers. A sight to see, as they hurried in a line to spread the love to each and…

February 6, 2013 Admin

This video shows makes us feel special, mainly due to the arabic department’s great hard word in making sure every student is taken care of. Mohammed Hijazi did an incredible job in producing this video and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as we did! – IAA Panorama Team

February 5, 2013 Admin

This video is of Grade 11 students going to Um Qais and Eco Park to dig up old artifacts. This trip was found to be very useful in many different aspects. The students enjoyed the trip very much, and hopefully you will be able to enjoy this video! – IAA Panorama Team

October 16, 2012 Admin

  The IAA community gathered a day full of energy and joy where family and friends participated in exciting activities. What a day! IAA’s first open day was truly perfection, as the field was transformed into a festive fiesta! Kicking it off with sensational activities, following a sweat- breaking Zumba dance, while later getting revenge at our teachers, parents, and principals. The IAA community has proved its excellence in coming together and starting a brand new year with smiles and energy!

October 16, 2012 Admin

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQfpGSOhPnk The IAA community cherishes the special times where we come together and celebrate exceptional times like this one. The Eid phase has brought us closer to one another as the community shares with the Muslim friends their unique celebrations. This holy season has inspired us to create a video in order to spread the word about the life and energy flowing through the campus in this period of giving and worshipping. We thank all who have participated in making this video and proving once again that we are an affectionate and extraordinary group of people!

July 17, 2012 Admin

This is Hala’s second submission to the site, and we feel it to be just as creative as was the first. This piece depicts a jungle and its animals and does so in a manner that highlights the vibrancy of such a scene. That vibrancy is captured by the range of colors that she uses in the piece. Hala’s art never ceases to impress us.

July 14, 2012 Admin

Haya Al-Sharif has also contributed to the cascade of artwork that we’ve received recently with her own pieces. The first two prominently feature human faces, and depict them quite expertly. The color blue in the second one, to us at least, makes the person look a bit like a Na’vi from the movie Avatar, but we aren’t artists. The third features what appear to us as the mid-sections of snakes tangled around one another in a manner that makes them look like an enlargement of a picture of a person’s hair. The fact that at least one of them appears to…