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In February 2014, from the 12th until the 22nd, a group of 18 students were accompanied by 3 teachers to the exotic country of Cambodia. The 10th and 11th grade students were taken on an adventurous journey throughout the streets of Cambodia and were able to take on life long experiences that would benefit them throughout the rest of their lives. The students first arrived to the city of Siem Reap, where they were taken to a poverty stricken village and spent 3 days aiding the children of the village by upgrading their school. Fences were refurbished, classrooms were repainted and tiled, and studying desks were restored to their original state.  Still in Siem Reap, they visited the War museum where many of the military weapons used in the melancholy period of the Khmer Rouge’s reign were on display. Then, the group visited Angkor Wat, where they witnessed some of the world’s most fascinating temples, and also took elephant rides around the calming views of the sacred grounds. After that, the students left for the capitol of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, in which the students were taken on an epic journey throughout the horrors of the Khmer Rouge as they experienced fist hand one of the torturing centers that was utilized in this period. Afterwards, the whole group took off to the Rabbit Island, where they spend 3 days in the outdoors, surrounded by the nature with no connection to the outside world. On this island, they were able to comprehend the meaning of living in the wild as they learned the basic skills of survival such as building shelters and rafts, as well was collecting water through the process of condensation. Finally, after returning to Phnom Penh, and visiting the royal palace, the students finally returned to the airport. Their extraordinary journey was ending, just as they boarded the planes back to Jordan.


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