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Zain Zu’biDP LiteratureMs. Nadia AbdallahExploring the Theme of Gender in Henrik Ibsen’s “A Doll House” Henrik Ibsen’s play-in-prose, A “Doll’s House”, centres around the dysfunctional relationships between the characters. An exploration of this necessarily requires a closer look at how the playwright defines gender roles, (women and femininity, and men and masculinity), marriage, and gender conflicts. From the very beginning the readers are presented with a clear picture of the traditional roles of husband and wife in the Nineteenth Century. Ibsen defines these in the contexts of love, sacrifice, domination, freedom and handling of money and conveys them through interesting…

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This video shows makes us feel special, mainly due to the arabic department’s great hard word in making sure every student is taken care of. Mohammed Hijazi did an incredible job in producing this video and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as we did! – IAA Panorama Team

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This video is of Grade 11 students going to Um Qais and Eco Park to dig up old artifacts. This trip was found to be very useful in many different aspects. The students enjoyed the trip very much, and hopefully you will be able to enjoy this video! – IAA Panorama Team

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Dear IAA Students,Grade 12 will certainly go down as a year to remember for me, especially because of how quickly it finished! It seems like just yesterday that I walked into Grade 11, and now, I am studying for my externals and readying my goodbyes to friends that I grew up with. But as exciting as it may seem, great responsibilities and decisions that will affect your future await. Although everyone believes that doing the externals is the most important part, one must not forget the endless tasks to complete before readying oneself for these exams. The internal assessments, TOK,…

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Shown below are a few Design and Technology projects that our Grade Twelve students  have completed as part of their internal assessments. We at the Panorama consider them accurate representations of the high quality work that DT students have produced this year.

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William Shakespeare This passage fromthe last scene of Act 1 is significant in the way that it outlines the majordetails for Iago’s plot, a deadly plot that brings about the death of severalcharacters including Desdemona and Othello. It also portrays an image of Iago’s character. This soliloquy is in the form of blank verse, afeature often found in Shakespearean plays. The impact that this figure of speech brings about is noteworthy.  It conveys a deadly scheme of revenge anddestruction through plain and common speech, albeit including many metaphors,further emphasizing the ruthlessness of Iago’s character. Although the character mostly attributed with jealousyin this…