February 6, 2013 Admin

This video shows makes us feel special, mainly due to the arabic department’s great hard word in making sure every student is taken care of. Mohammed Hijazi did an incredible job in producing this video and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as we did! – IAA Panorama Team

March 11, 2012 Admin

Grade 10 Student, Solenne Tadros, for her personal project, evaluated plans for nuclear energy in Jordan. She came to the conclusion that such developments would, in Jordan, be unadvasible for at least the time being and made the video above to summarize and convey that one conviction. We applaud the thought she put into her project and the effort that went into the project’s video.

January 23, 2012 Admin

This is the second Grade Ten remake of a Christmas Carol on the Panorama. While it most certainly is hard to pick a favorite, we at the Panorama feel that this one was particularly well edited and that the musical accompaniments aid in the communication of the plot to viewers. Enjoy!

January 23, 2012 Admin

Sireen Masadeh- Grade 10 Personal Project Intertwining the passion for recycling with that for fashion. For her Personal Project, Sireen Masadeh designed a number of, dare we say, beautiful dresses using materials that would, otherwise, have been disposed of. Her project showcases the level of creativity and capacity for innovation that IAA students are taught to have. The Panorama applauds her and students like her for going to extra mile to create works that capture the general creative ability of IAA students while tackling important global issues such as inefficient material use. Some of Sireen’s dresses are featured below. (Note:…

December 16, 2011 Admin

Admiral David Farragut He attempted to grip tightly on the handle of his blade but an excruciating pain prevented him to do, so he ended up holding it between his fingers. The soles of fur covered boots began to crackle as he stepped on the hot warm gravel. He was walking through a twisted nether, an aura engulfed in a thin purple haze. His thick leather and steel plate armor softly sheathed his numb muscles. He looked up ahead and found a phantasmal specter staring at him with hollow eyes made of black smoke. As he walked closer a hidden…