November 17, 2013 Admin

   Some inspirational artworks by Jude Abu Musallam. Grade 11’s paintings are meant to be representations of themselves, their experiences and their personality; truly well done. “The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery.”  Francis Bacon

November 1, 2013 Admin

A few of the many amazing pieces of art created by this year’s eleventh grade. Their paintings are meant to be representations of themselves, their experiences and their personality; truly great work. Well done all of you!   Hala Taher  

April 14, 2013 Admin

As a community filled with various talents and astonishing capabilities, IAA takes great pride in students work and continues to encourage learners to pursue their skills and hobbies. Recently, the art department has witnessed great talents come to life on canvas as grade 10 students exhibit their artistic side when painting abstract portraits inspired by great artists. A picture is worth a thousand words… Take a look below at some of the great work produced!

July 17, 2012 Admin

This is Hala’s second submission to the site, and we feel it to be just as creative as was the first. This piece depicts a jungle and its animals and does so in a manner that highlights the vibrancy of such a scene. That vibrancy is captured by the range of colors that she uses in the piece. Hala’s art never ceases to impress us.

July 14, 2012 Admin

Haya Al-Sharif has also contributed to the cascade of artwork that we’ve received recently with her own pieces. The first two prominently feature human faces, and depict them quite expertly. The color blue in the second one, to us at least, makes the person look a bit like a Na’vi from the movie Avatar, but we aren’t artists. The third features what appear to us as the mid-sections of snakes tangled around one another in a manner that makes them look like an enlargement of a picture of a person’s hair. The fact that at least one of them appears to…

July 13, 2012 Admin

Grade Eleven student, Nereen Sbeitan, produced these wonderful pieces of artwork. The first is a mosaic-style piece that features several pictures of Marilyn Monroe with a painting of the actress on the left side of the piece. The second is a very calming piece that features several shades of the color blue. The third is a black-and-white surrealist piece at the forefront of which is a man whose piercing gaze adds to a perceived closeness of the piece that greatly contributes to its effectiveness. This is the sort of work that the Panorama loves to host. He can…

July 13, 2012 Admin

Hala Taher in ninth grade produced this wonderful piece of black-and-white surrealist art work. The shading in this piece quite considerably increases the appeal of the overall image. It can also serve to create a sort of 3D effect. Just look at that cactus on the right. Well done Hala!

July 12, 2012 Admin

Alia Asad, a student in ninth grades, produced these fine pieces of artwork that most prominently feature vases of a number of shapes and sizes. We at the Panorama might not know much about art, but even untrained eyes like ours can appreciate pieces as good as this one.