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Dear IAA Students,

Grade 12 will certainly go down as a year to remember for me, especially because of how quickly it finished! It seems like just yesterday that I walked into Grade 11, and now, I am studying for my externals and readying my goodbyes to friends that I grew up with. But as exciting as it may seem, great responsibilities and decisions that will affect your future await. Although everyone believes that doing the externals is the most important part, one must not forget the endless tasks to complete before readying oneself for these exams. The internal assessments, TOK, CAS, and Extended Essay are crucial and may easily determine the fate of one’s IB diploma. As a student who has gone through this, I urge Grade 11 students to complete as much as they can, as soon as they can, so that they won’t deal with the stress and pressure that comes with working before the deadline- and parents to stay on your children’s case! Also, for those who wish to study abroad, I cannot stress on how relieving it is to complete all SAT, TOEFL, and IELTS, as well as university applications, before the due date to ensure a relaxed university process. The wait is very scary, but the results are very rewarding. It’s very saddening to see my favorite teacher- Mr. John McCune- leave, as his efforts and methods of teaching have been extremely rewarding and left a mark on me! With all that said, students are also extremely privileged to have Mr. Martin at their side, who put every last effort in him to ensure that each and every one of us seniors met all requirements and beyond.

Juniors, do not feel upset when your parents deny you an outing with your friends at times, for those extra weekends spent studying for the SAT and IB got me into the university of my dreams, and I thank my parents for making me stay at home. At the same time, however, parents, do let your kids out for fresh air and a change of environment with friends, for the end of some weeks can get very hectic and stressful on some. Besides, it will be their last year as a class together- do make sure your children enjoy it after studying!

I wish all Grade 10, 11 and 12 students the best of luck,


Fadi H Kafeety

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