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On Thursday, 20th of March, grade 8 visited the Lady of the Mountain church, school and home. Nervous and excited, they were welcomed with a warm smile belonging to Father Simon, who introduced us to the church and school. After being told about its history and religious background, they realised how truly inspiring the sisters and the priests who dedicated their life to help secure and stabilise younger lives are by following God’s word are:

They attended a religion lesson with the students at the school and learnt how important it is to follow the teachings of God on a daily basis. They read a story to our new friends, and in some cases they read for us, and as Dr. Mahmoud, who supervised us along with Miss Sahar, said, “The book is a friend that introduces us to new ones”. There was, later on, a friendly football match between the IAA students and Lady of the Mountain students, it ended with a tie 3-3. After that, gifts were presented to our friends from Ajloun.

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