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For the past few weeks, IAA students have been taking part and supervising the ‘Back-to-school’ school bag project. The aim of the project was to provide the misfortunate students of public schools with basic school supplies which are necessary for an education, such as pencils, notebooks, etc. The ‘Back-to-school’ project was completed by grade 8 students whilst being supervised by Dr. Mahmoud Al-Kadri as well as grade eleven students; Asad Asad, Saif Shahrouri and George Salfiti.

The project couldn’t have been accomplished without grade eight’s generous donations. Thanks to the great efforts of grade 8, as well as our supervisors from grade 11, this project was an extreme success. The donations collected exceeded original expectations, and the efficiency by which the students worked was of an extremely high standard. Thanks to this, they were able to collect and sort an extremely large number of filled school bags which the school intends to donate to underprivileged students.

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