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Sireen Masadeh- Grade 10 Personal Project
Intertwining the passion for recycling with that for fashion.

For her Personal Project, Sireen Masadeh designed a number of, dare we say, beautiful dresses using materials that would, otherwise, have been disposed of. Her project showcases the level of creativity and capacity for innovation that IAA students are taught to have. The Panorama applauds her and students like her for going to extra mile to create works that capture the general creative ability of IAA students while tackling important global issues such as inefficient material use.

Some of Sireen’s dresses are featured below.

(Note: Clicking on a picture opens a full-size version of it in a new tab.)

Sireen outlining her project
A dress that features discs.

A dress that features teabags.

A dress that features staws.
Tons of spoons on this dress.
You could say that Sireen was on a roll when she made this dress.
¬†Who got glue on the…Oh wait, nevermind

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