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A video that the IAA Panorama has made in honour of the late Muath Al Kassasbeh; one that has proven sacrifice, a martyr, a soldier, and most importantly – a member of the Jordanian family. We only ask you to look far beyond this video and to truly understand the significance and importance of such activities. It was quite the challenge; creating this video as well as witnessing every student put on a brave face through such harsh times, we commend you. Such a project could have been even more phenomenal, but for now, this represents a memory that we will carry with us always. Whether it was painting, or planting, the comments we have received from the public has been overwhelming; however, it seems they have only gotten a fraction of an insight into our community. Quite shocking to know that we have been able to pull this off in such a short amount of time, we hope you all remember how important it is to stand together, united, in times like these. On our behalf, we hope we were able to capture somewhat of the efforts our school has made. We Are Muath.

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